A roll of duct tape

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you know the old joke about how duct tape is a lot like the force – they both have a light side, a dark side, and they hold the world together.

I definitely think it’s true that duct tape can be used to fix just about anything. The crew of Apollo 13 even used it to modify a makeshift return vessel when their spaceship encountered a bit of a “problem.” While you might not be heading to as remote a place as the moon, you never know when you’ll find yourself in a sticky situation.

Some uses for duct tape:

1. Mend a torn backpack. Duct tape is incredibly strong – not to mention waterproof – so it’s a great way to patch up your bag.

2. Fix a fallen hem. If the seams on your pants start unraveling and you’re caught without a needle and a thread (or you wouldn’t know how to use them if you had ‘em), a bit of duct tape can hold the hem in place.

3. Cover a prominent logo. If you’re carrying a camera bag with a logo or branding that clearly gives it away as an electronics bag (e.g. “Samsung”), a bit of duct tape over the label can help deter theft.

4. Repair a book. Guidebook falling apart? Reinforce the spine with duct tape.

5. Fashion a makeshift bandage. In case you’re without a first aid kit.

6. Use as a reflector on clothing. Great if bicycling in the dark, for example.

A roll of duct tape is kinda big, so here’s the easiest way to take it on the go: find a small pencil stub and re-wrap the duct tape around the pencil. A little duct tape goes a long way, and it’ll be much easier to find room for it in your bag.

What other uses have you found for duct tape when traveling?