Virgin Plane Seat-back Screens

Photo by Marc Smith

Your weekly roundup of the hottest travel links across the net:

1. This seems like a pretty cool idea: Virgin Atlantic has launched a new in-flight system that lets passengers read and upload tips about their destination via their seatback screen. You can pick the kind of travel you’re interested in (business, adventure, luxury etc) and see what other folk have to suggest, or submit a twitter-style tidbit yourself.

2. Some food for thought if you were planning to fly with Air India – it seems the state-owned carrier has been plagued by safety problems. The fact that pilots are shielding themselves from the sun by putting newspaper over the cockpit windows is kind of scary, no?

3. Anyone who’s a frequent flier knows just how tough it is to eat well when you’re in and out of airports where healthy food is always MIA. This article tells you how to pick the lesser of all the evils at the airport food court, what kind of alcoholic drinks to avoid and how to navigate your hotel’s breakfast buffet.

4. Everyone should investigate travel insurance before setting off abroad, but if your destination is a little more off the beaten path, you should check out Hotspot. The company specializes in rough terrain, expedition and war-risk travel insurance… something that could come in pretty handy if you get caught in a situation like the recent unrest in Egypt and need to be evacuated.

5. Getting married? Want to do it on a boat? Here’s everything you could want to know about tying the knot aboard a cruise ship.

6. Check out this great souvenir that manages to combine my two big loves: chocolate and travel. Introducing the chocolate passport.

7. Traveling with children and packing lightly takes some creativity – especially when it comes to keeping the littlies entertained. Delicious Baby has some great suggestions on easy to carry toys for outdoor play.

8. I know cramped plane seats leave a lot to be desired but it seems some people handle being in a tight spot a lot worse than others. Take for example the traveler on a recent flight from D.C. to Ghana who smacked the passenger in front of him after he reclined the seat into his “personal space.” The fight was so bad that flight attendants couldn’t break it up and the pilot was forced to turn the plane around – but not until two air force fighter jets were deployed to escort the plane back to the airport. All this over a reclining seat! Read the juicy details here.