Inflatable Clothes Hanger


Do you ever look enviously at some people’s tiny luggage and wonder how they do it?

How can they possibly stay on the road for weeks on end with just one itsy bitsy little bag, and not run out of clothes?

Well the secret is really not that much of a secret, to tell you the truth.

It’s actually something you’re pretty familiar with. After all, you don’t go out and buy new clothes every time you wear an outfit do you?


So you know what the little trick is: laundry.

Most budget travelers will spend a few minutes at night washing out their clothes in their hotel/hostel sink.

Sure, you could go to a local laundromat, but this really only works out well if you’ve got a bunch of things that need laundering – not if you just need to wash one shirt or a pair of socks.

By washing their clothes in the sink, budget travelers can pack as few garments as possible, but still be relatively clean (I say relatively because, well, if you’ve met any backpackers, you’ll understand that hygiene is not exactly at the top of all their lists).

Anyway, the problem with washing your clothes at night is ensuring they’ll be dry by morning (especially if you’re checking out or need to wear that item).

Choosing clothes made of quick-dry fabrics is of course one way to do that. But another is to pack a couple of inflatable clothes hangars in your luggage.

These nifty devices fold up into a tiny corner of your bag, but inflate with a few puffs of air into a hangar that can help your clothes dry much faster. By separating the front and back of your T-shirt, for example, the hangar allows air to circulate all around the fabric, and consequently dries the shirt much better than if you’d laid it flat or hung it over a rod/rack.

They’re also nicer than the kind of wire hangers that you might find in your hotel (if you are provided with any at all – obviously if you’re in a hostel you won’t be) as they don’t stretch out your clothes or leave weird hangar marks. Plus, some hotels have those hangers that can’t be removed from the closet – so these are great as they allow you to hang your laundry in the bathroom or by the window or wherever you prefer.

I mostly use this kind of hangar, but here’s another style from Magellan’s that some people prefer.