Big is better. At least, that’s how we seem to feel when it comes to the kind of attractions we like to hit up when we’re on a road trip. Would we drive 30 minutes out of our way to check out a scenic lookout? Maybe. Maybe not. But tell me some no-name town is home to the world’s biggest ball of yarn and I will make the detour. I mean, it’s the biggest. In the world.

Anyway, if you like big things too, you’ll be interested to know that there are some pretty wacky big things in front of which to get your mug shot taken. Here are a few I thought stood out.


Big pineapple

Photo by Sherry Kang

{The Big Pineapple in Woombye, QLD, Australia}

Mmmm…I know just where to put that giant bit of fruit…

Big Picnic Basket

{The Big Picnic Basket in Newark, Ohio, USA}

…in this big picnic basket, which is actually a factory that makes, well, picnic baskets.

Big Axe

{The Big Axe in Nackawick, NB, Canada}

You know how sometimes the big things represent the town? Like the Big Banana represents a banana-growing town? Right. I’m not sure I want to risk stopping in this town…

…and on a similar note,there’s this…


{The World’s Largest Firing Rifle in Good Thunder (or should that be Scary Thunder?), MN, USA}


{The Kaatskill Kaleidoscope in New York, USA}

Very cool. This is actually an old grain silo that was turned into a real, working kaleidoscope. You stand at the bottom and look up to see the show.

Big Clothespin

Photo by Kent Wang

{The Big Clothespin in Philadelphia, PA}

In case we can’t halt the obesity epidemic and we have to wash some really big clothes.

Big Starship Enterprise

Photo by Falashad

{The Big Starship Enterprise in Vulcan, AB, Canada}

Big Boxing Crocodile

Photo by tm-tm

{The Big Boxing Crocodile in Humpty Doo, NT, Australia}

In case one of Australia’s most vicious creatures wasn’t vicious enough, let’s give it a pair of boxing gloves and supersize it.

Big Prawn

Photo by Claire Taylor

{The Big Prawn in Ballina, NSW, Australia.}

You’d need a really big barbie for that shrimp. Or…

Big Frying Pan

Photo by Screwtape

{The Big Frying Pan in Long Beach, WA, USA}

…you could just throw it into this.