Shoes that stash cash

{Shoes with a secret compartment. Don’t worry, they come in manly colors too}

I remember years ago during high school when I was on a student exchange in Switzerland and I was headed out to a club late one night with my local hosts and their friends. As we hopped out of our taxi, a member of our group noticed a gang of somewhat dodgy looking guys headed our way and he quickly whispered to us to shove our money down our socks. Somewhat surprised (since Switzerland is probably one of the safest places I’d ever been), we did just that. Fortunately, nothing came to pass, but the money-down-the-sock-when-in-an-unsavory-situation trick is something I’ve used ever since that night.

The problem is, I don’t wear socks all the time.

And that kind of makes summer a really good time for thieves.

At least, it did until now. Because finally, someone has invented a shoe that can hide money. Even better, it’s a shoe that you’d never guess was hiding money… because it’s a flip-flop.

The Reef Stash 2 looks just like an ordinary flip-flop, except for a line running across the width of the sole. This is where the sandal opens up to expose a secret compartment for your valuables – credit cards, cash, whatever you want to hide (see a video demo here).

Other models from the same company, such as the Reef Adjustable BYOB, include a slide-style sandal, where the hidden compartment is under the strap that goes over your foot (video here). And if that wasn’t cool enough, the bottom of the sole features a bottle opener. Yes, a bottle opener. That’s got to make for a nifty bar trick to impress your friends!

Awesome, right?

Not only are these great shoes for walking about in places where the general safety is questionable, they’re also perfect for the beach. Why? Well people’s valuables get pinched at beaches all the time – one traveler in Brazil told me he saw someone have his jeans stolen literally as he was slipping them off (!) although obviously, that’s kind of extreme. Anyway, barring crazy scenarios like that, of all the things a thief is going to steal from your stash of belongings on the sand, your flip-flops are probably not even on his/her radar.

So if you have to leave your stuff unattended, at least you can now do it with some peace of mind.

Let’s just hope no thieves are reading this!

You can find the Reef range of sandals on Zappos or at Reef.

Bottle opener on your shoe{If James Bond wore flip-flops, this would be on his packing list. Hide money and impress others by opening a drink with your shoe}