NYC Subway Mighty Wallet

The thing about wallets is that they’re so… well, so clearly a wallet.

I mean, it’s generally pretty obvious that the square shape creating fade marks in your rear pant pocket is where your cash is stowed. Same deal when you pull your wallet out of your pocket or purse to buy something – there’s no hiding the fact that this in fact is your wallet.

So if a mugger comes along, that same old black leather wallet that you and everyone else has is a pretty clear and obvious target.

But, what if you could conceal your cash in a way that was still highly accessible but ambiguous enough that you could fool any thief?

Well, you can, thanks to the Mighty Wallet.

This wallet is designed to look just like a map – the one pictured above is the NYC Subway Map Mighty Wallet, but plenty of other map designs are available too.

The wallet is made using interwoven fibers and has a water-resistant coating, so it’s virtually indestructible. But the best part is the design, which hides your credit cards and cash, so even when the wallet is opened, it maintains the façade of being nothing more than a map. So, should a mugger come along and demand you empty your pockets, there’s nothing to be had other than your keys, perhaps some gum…and a map.

Oh, and the other advantage?

You’ll never be lost on the NYC subway again.