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Your weekly roundup of the hottest travel links across the net:

1. Airport security isn’t just about those little bags of liquids and full-body scanners before you get on the plane – there’s often a lot of security to get into a country as well. If you’re headed to the UK, make sure you check out this list of three things you need to know to get through London Heathrow passport control and save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

2. Want to vacation and do something good for the local community at the same time? Many hotels and resorts are now offering travelers are discount on their bill – or other benefits such as a tax deduction – in exchange for volunteering on projects such as wildlife conservation during their stay.

3. Heard of “carmaggedon”? It’s the car-pocalypse that’s expected as a result of America’s busiest road, Freeway 405, being closed this weekend for construction. To help out panicked Los-Angeleans, Jet Blue is offering $4 flights from one side of LA to the other. Unfortunately, the 20-minute flight is now sold out.

4. It’s nice to know there are still good samaritans out there, like this woman, who is single-handedly waging war on Barcelona’s pickpockets. This is just another reminder why tourists in particular need to be especially careful with their belongings when traveling.

5. Confused about whether airline loyalty programs are worth the hassle? Here, travel reporters weigh in on the perks and pitfalls of frequent flier programs.

6. Looking for somewhere to relax with a glass of vino between visits to Roman ruins? Check out the Guardian’s picks of the 10 best bars in Rome.