Plane Nose

Photo by Canadian Family

Your weekly roundup of the hottest travel links across the net:

1. This is obviously bad for the US Government but could be amazing for the traveling public: in much the same way the US Government can’t decide what to do about it’s debt, it’s also shuffling it’s feet on extending the Federal Aviation Authority’s operating authority. What does that all mean? Essentially, unless Congress comes to an agreement today, airlines would no longer be able to collect federal taxes on the tickets they sell you. Which means starting midnight tonight, you may be able to buy your flight federal tax free – a saving of about $61 on a $300 round trip.

2. Can’t make it all the way to Paris but still want to have the French experience? Well, if you can make it over to NYC, you’ll be able to enjoy these six ways of feeling French in New York (a somewhat unlikely surrogate, I know). For more, be sure to check out Marie’s blog, Paris in New York.

3. Shopping for souvenirs is an integral part of the travel experience for most people, but it can get frustrating pretty quickly when you’re trying to work out just what shoe size you actually are, or what size souvenir t-shirt to pick up for your relatives back home. If that sounds like you, have a look at the BBC’s list of must-have travel apps for looking like a local, which includes apps for clothing size conversions, ingredient decoders, vaccination advice, temperature conversion and perhaps most importantly for some – a bathroom finding app.

4. Travel is a constant learning experience, and I find no matter how much you’ve done it, every time you travel you realize there were things you would do differently next time around. Check out this post from Nomadic Matt’s blog about some of the lessons and advice various travelers have to share.