Kitchen Mess

Photo by Mary-Lynn

Your weekly roundup of the hottest travel links across the net:

1. Homestays and couch-surfing are one way to save money on accommodation and meet some interesting locals, but unfortunately there are people out there that just have to ruin these things for everyone. Read one host’s gut-wrenching tale about her home being completely and utterly ransacked by vandals and what global accommodation network Airbnb had to say about it. I want to hear your thoughts on this – have you ever rented out your home to travelers or used a service like Airbnb yourself? What was your experience, and what did you do to keep yourself and your belongings safe?

2. Remember what I said last week about how flights within the US should be cheaper due to the partial shutdown of the FAA, meaning we would not have to pay federal taxes on our flight tickets? Well airlines are being slammed for actually jacking up their ticket prices in line with what the taxes used to be and pocketing the change – instead of passing the savings on to the consumer. What’s your take? Is this fair or another slap in the face for travelers?

3. Lonely Planet guidebooks are something of a bible for many young backpackers. Check out this interview with the company’s founder about how he feels travel has changed over the years – both for better and for worse.

4. Cruising at 37,000 feet can do weird things to your digestive system – eat too much, too little, or the wrong thing and you’ll be sorry. If you’re about to take a plane, read up on this list of foods to avoid before you fly, as well as how you can manage your diet to beat jet-lag.