The SCOTTEVEST Travel Vest. Probably what MacGyver wears on vacation.

If there’s one thing about travel that gets old pretty quickly, it’s having to empty out every last thing from your pockets at airport security, pass through the scanners, then juggle all your bits and bobs in your arms as you collect them from your tray – and just hope you haven’t left anything important behind. You know, like your keys. Which you may not actually discover are missing until you return to the airport parking lot a week later. Not the welcome home you were hoping for.

It’s scenarios exactly like that which SCOTTEVEST’s clothing products should help you avoid. The travel vest, for example, boasts 22 pockets (most of which are hidden from view) that allow you to stash away everything from your phone and wallet, to a water bottle and even an ipad. There’s also a clear touch fabric pocket that lets you to use an iphone while it’s zipped inside as well as a system to secure the headphones. In other words, not only does the vest keep all your stuff together so you don’t end up losing anything at security checkpoints, it pretty much functions as an extra carry-on too.

Now, I’ve never been a huge fan of travel vests – especially the old school safari-style ones that actually looked like a travel vest – but to it’s credit, the SCOTTEVEST vest appears from the outside to be rather normal-looking. Still, if you’re not a vest kind of person, the SCOTTEVEST jacket has most of the same features, but benefits from one utilitarian and aesthetic addition – sleeves.