Delta Plane

Photo by Pylon757

Your weekly roundup of the hottest travel links across the net:

1. Some travelers may soon receive a windfall after Delta announced it would pay back taxes it had unfairly collected on plane tickets. Airlines in the US sparked uproar last month after they raised their ticket prices, rather than giving passengers a price break, when the FAA partially shut down – meaning the government was no longer collecting federal taxes on flights.

2. If you’re planning a vacation to Europe, or a short beach holiday in Cancun, chances are you haven’t given much thought to vaccinations. While many people seem to think shots are only for places where disease is endemic, like Africa or parts of Asia, the reality is that outbreaks of certain diseases are occurring in developed, Western countries too. This article provides a helpful guide about which vaccinations you may want to look into.

3. Remember the Californian woman whose home was burgled after she rented it out through the travel marketplace Airbnb? Well the company has now changed its policies, offering a $50,000 guarantee to protect the homes of hosts who may become the victims of vandals. The organization is also upping its customer support network with a 24-hour hotline and has revamped its website with security tips for hosts.

4. A new study finds plane landings can give you a unique type of headache. Not exactly something to be concerned about however, as the headache literally only lasts as long as the landing.