SkyPark pool at night

The infinity pool at the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark. Photo by green_kermit.

I’ve never really understood why more buildings don’t make use of their rooftops to create a space where people can enjoy fresh air, sun and views. To me, slapping shingles onto a roof just seems like a wasted opportunity.

Fortunately there are some architects out there who have not only seen the light, but have envisioned such amazing rooftop spaces they literally take your breath away.

The SkyPark at the Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore is clearly one such example. Roughly the size of three football fields, it’s a long strip of open space balancing delicately across three angular high-rise towers.

The SkyPark features an observation deck, restaurants, bars and hundreds of trees, but its crowning feature is surely the 150 meter long infinity pool, which creates the dizzying impression that you’ll be swept right over the edge. Of course, you won’t be – there’s a catchment area beside the pool that collects water and pumps it back. Still, it’s probably best not to look down.


SkyPark pool during the day

The pool during the day. Photo by Mike Scott.


Marina Bay Sands resort

The Marina Bay Sands resort at night. Photo by Edwin 11.


SkyPark view

The view from the SkyPark at night. Photo by William Cho.