vegetarian food

Photo by little blue hen.

Your weekly roundup of the hottest travel links across the net:

1. For vegetarians, traveling can be a trying experience, as large chunks of valuable sightseeing time are taken up figuring out where you can get a meal without fish bits sprinkled all through it, or how to explain to a restaurant that chicken is not actually vegetarian, even if it is white. For all you herbivores out there, Backpacking Matt has a helpful article on how to find genuinely meatless food while on the road.

2. How do you spend your money when you travel? Some people figure their vacation is the time to blow all their bucks, while others are so stingy with their cash they end up missing out on a lot of fantastic opportunities that may not be available elsewhere (I’ve met plenty of people who don’t go inside museums or churches if they are required to pay – even at world-famous sites). C’est Christine has come up with an interesting 80/20 principle to manage her budget – it’s the idea that you save your money 80 per cent of the time but splurge on important experiences the other fifth of the time. I think this is a great philosophy to apply to life in general. Click over to read her tips about when to save and what to splurge on.

3. When heading abroad, I personally prefer to travel without a cell phone. To me, it’s just another thing to worry about losing or having stolen, and generally, there’s no one I really need to call! That said, for some people – especially business travelers – a phone is a travel necessity. Unfortunately, the costs of taking your phone out of your normal service area can eat you alive (one traveler racked up an $11,000 Verizon bill after just four days abroad!). That’s where this article on how to beat roaming fees while traveling abroad comes in.

4. One of the great parts of travel is observing the unusual rituals people in other countries take part in. However, sometimes the things people do are downright bizarre. Check out this gorgeous photo gallery of the world’s strangest festivals.