oanda cheat sheet

The OANDA Currency Cheat Sheet for Travelers.

Shopping (and eating… and drinking) abroad is fun, but poses dangers for those who are not so good with numbers. It’s all too easy to see something marked 10 euro but adjust your mindset to view the item as costing 10 dollars, and therefore pretty good value – even though the reality is you’re paying nearly one and a half times that amount. Throw in some jetlag and a bit of alcohol and it’s even easier to delude yourself as to the real amount you’re spending.

But there’s a simple solution to these tricks of the mind – the OANDA Currency Cheat Sheet for Travelers.

Essentially, it’s a website that will allow you to choose your home currency and your destination currency and print off a table that gives you a side-by-side comparison of the values. You can even select the exchange rate that’s best for you, be it the official rate, the credit card rate or something else entirely.

You then simply print the table, cut it up and pop it into your wallet (I suggest putting some clear contact paper or adhesive tape on it to protect it from tearing) and it’s ready for easy reference when you’re out and about. No more confusing back-of-the-napkin calculations or credit card statement-induced heart attacks.