Mine Suite

The Mine Suite at the Sala Silvermine in Sala, Sweden. Photo by Pappilabild.

The idea of sleeping in a hotel room that doesn’t have windows because it’s located in the basement doesn’t sound all that appealing… until you learn the reason for the odd layout.

Located 155 meters underground, the Mine Suite at Sweden’s Sala Silvermine is a hotel room built into a 16th century mine that was once the country’s biggest producer of silver.

Like the miners who once worked there, you’ll have to rough it a little – the toilets are about 50 meters away from the room and the showers are located in the hostel that’s situated above ground. Still, it’s a small price to pay for such an unusual experience. And look on the bright side – there’ll be no annoying sunlight streaming in and waking you up before you’re ready.


Mine Suite 2

Another view of the Mine Suite. Photo by Pappilabild.


Victoria Hall

The Victoria Hall at the Sala Silvermine. The venue is used for dinners, weddings, concerts and conferences. Photo by Jan-Olof Akerlund.


Sala mine lit up

An illuminated portion of the mine. Photo by Lasse Fredriksson.