Private Jet

Photo by Shine 2010.

Your weekly roundup of the hottest travel links across the net:

1. If you thought flying in a private jet was only for the rich and famous, think again. Everyday folk like you and me are able to take chartered flights at – get this – commercial prices (and sometimes, even less). More and more charter brokers are turning up online, allowing average travelers to fill empty seats on other people’s private jets, or use social media to find enough fellow passengers to bring the overall price of each ticket down. Interested? Here’s the lowdown on how it all works.

2. Passengers who pack light can benefit from Pittsburgh Airport’s new express lane, which allows those traveling with one bag only to whizz through airport security checkpoints. That’s the good news. The bad news is that you are truly allowed one bag only, which means anyone with a purse or briefcase will be redirected to the normal, non-express line. Um, doesn’t that mean every woman (I am yet to see a woman traveling without a purse of some sort) and just about every businessman (how many of you put your computer in your suitcase?) would be disqualified?

3. Exotic foods are part and parcel of the travel experience, but if you have any dietary restrictions, it can be a real nightmare trying to find food you can actually safely eat. This blog has some handy tips about being gluten-free on the road, as well as restaurant reviews and recipes you can whip up in a limited kitchen.

4. New York City can be one of the most expensive places to visit, but that doesn’t mean it has to be. Check out this list of 25 ways to save on your next trip to the big apple.