You’re trying to pack as lightly as possible for your vacation, but there’s just one problem.

You don’t want to look the same everyday.

But when you’ve got to carry everything in a little backpack or carry-on suitcase, packing multiples of everything just isn’t an option.

So what’s a traveler to do?

Two words: reversible clothing.

These days, just about everything you’d wear, from clothes to accessories, is available in double-sided form, meaning twice the number of color options – and consequently outfits – in your traveling wardrobe. During my yearlong round-the-world trip I carried a double-sided fleece (as well as a double-sided down jacket I found at a flea market after my luggage was delayed) and I can’t tell you how nice it was to have the extra variety.

Sound interesting? Scroll down to check out a couple of my reversible clothing picks for both men and women.

Now, if only someone could invent reversible shoes…

reversible swimsuit

Women’s reversible swimsuit, $39.95

{A great option for when you’re going on a beach vacation: pack two of these and you can have a different look everyday. More colors available.}

reversible dressGoLite Cayambe reversible dress, from $47.97

{Every woman needs a little black dress right? Why not pack one that does double duty? This is available in a number of different colors.}

reversible fleece

Women’s reversible fleece jacket, $29.95

{I love fleece for travel. Not only does it have a great warmth to weight ratio, but it’s tough enough to stand up to foreign laundromats as well as the rough handling it’ll get if you wear it on a hike. This fleece reverses to white, but it also comes in a bunch of other colors.}

reversible hat

Women’s reversible wide brim hat, $16.99

{A big floppy hat is essential when you’re out exploring under the sun all day, and I love that this has a white side that reflects the heat and a black side for a bit more of a sophisticated look. It also comes in some bright colors too.}

reversible scarf

Women’s reversible fleece scarf, $15.00

{Scarves are a great way to vary your look since they generally pack up small. This one will actually keep you warm as well}

reversible beltUnisex reversible belt, $35.85

{What’s great about this belt is that in addition to coordinating with all your clothing, it has no metal parts in the buckle, which means you can keep it on at airport security}

reversible beanie 1

reversible beanie 2

Men’s reversible fleece knit beanie, $28.00

{You can wear this winter hat with the fleece facing inwards for extra warmth, or reverse it for a different look}

reversible henley


reversible henley 2

Men’s cotton cashmere reversible henley, $55.96

{A polished henley in luxurious but lightweight fabrics is nice to have if you think you end up in situations where you have dress up}

reversible shorts

Men’s reversible shorts, $16.99

{I like that the two sides of this pair are so distinct that people would never realize you were wearing the same shorts when it’s reversed}

reversible pants

Men’s reversible pants, $55.96

{Pants always take up so much room in luggage so it’s handy to have a 2-in-1 pair}

reversible jacket

Men’s reversible jacket, $76.95

{Packing two jackets is a luxury few of us have, but when traveling in cold climates, your outerwear is what everyone sees. Get some variety with a double-sided jacket like this one}

What do you think? Do you travel with reversible clothing?