Ouch! Do you know what to do if you get sunburned? Photo by Knick Flanigan.

Your weekly roundup of the hottest travel links across the net:

1. Despite being an Australian who takes all the staying-safe-in-the-sun advice to heart, I seem to have an amazing ability to get sunburned through my clothing and sunscreen (all while being in the shade). Heck, I practically burn indoors. While you might not be as freakishly unfortunate as I am, chances are at some point you’ve experienced the blistering pain that is sunburn. But do you know what to do about it? Sunburn can actually be very serious and travelers who are outdoors all day are highly susceptible, so click here to get the lowdown on how best to treat sunburn.

2. Whether you’re taking a trip on the Trans-Siberian or simply catching a long distance train between cities, there are a few things you’ll need in order to be comfortable (not to mention happy). Watch this short video to learn about the five things you should pack for a long train journey so you’ll be prepared. I think a lot of these ideas can apply equally to bus trips.

3. Sustainable tourism is clearly an important concept, but it’s not something many of us are taught about (if we’re taught about travel at all!). If you’re interested in engaging in some eco-friendly travel but are unsure of exactly how to go about it, check out this helpful article for eight tips on trekking responsibly.