beer spa

Soak in an outdoor bath filled with beer. For free.

Have you ever enjoyed something so much you wanted to just roll around in it? Like uber soft cashmere sweaters, decadently rich butter cream cake frosting, microbrew beer…

Fortunately, you can indulge at least one of those fantasies at The Adventure Brew Hostel in La Paz, Bolivia. La Paz, which is the highest capital city in the world, is probably not the ideal place to be overindulging in beer, since alcohol exacerbates the effects of altitude sickness. That said, once you’ve acclimatized, The Adventure Brew Hostel is the perfect place to indulge because it’s home to its very own microbrewery. A microbrewery furthermore, which offers each of its guests a free beer every night.

If that isn’t enticing enough to have you booking a plane ticket to the Bolivian capital right this second, give your brain a moment to let this little tidbit sink in – The Adventure Brew Hostel will let you bathe in its microbrew.

As long as you agree to purchase a pitcher of their beer (and believe me, you’ll do that anyway) the hostel staff will fill up one of their outdoor bathtubs with kegs of beer (fortunately it’s the dregs from the brewery so you won’t be tempted to you know, drink the bathwater). They’ll light a nice hot wood-fire under the tub, give you a plank of wood to sit on (hey, that tub gets really hot) and you can soak yourself away into oblivion.

Yes, you may be sweating beer out of your pores for the next few days, but trust me, it’s an experience you won’t forget.