ball camera

One of the things I’m always kicking myself about is the stuff that I take photos of when I travel. Like most tourists, I take picture after picture of buildings and monuments – they’re obvious subjects after all. The thing is, I can easily find pictures of those buildings in a book or on a website (and usually much better composed) and it’s really the unique angles and sights my trip is comprised of that I should be capturing on film.

Yet somehow, no matter how many street scenes and pictures of people that I take, I just can’t seem to capture the feeling of a place. However, I recently stumbled across a different type of camera that might do what I’m looking for. The Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera is a new kind of camera that does just what its name suggests. You basically throw the camera up in the air and it takes a 360-degree panoramic image of everything around you (sort of like what you see on Google street view).

The easiest way to get a sense of how it works is to watch the video below. I’m really loving the panorama they did from the top of a mountain, although with my ball skills, I’d be a bit reluctant to throw the camera for fear it would end up tumbling down a cliff!

The camera isn’t in production just yet, but when it becomes available, it seems like it would be a fun way of capturing a vacation… or you know, playing a really high tech game of catch!