Shoes are generally one of the bulkiest things you have to pack when traveling so it makes sense to carry as few pairs as possible. That means if I’m heading to a warm destination, I’ll generally just take some sturdy sandals that get me by in most situations… that is, unless the weather unexpectedly takes a turn for the cold. Then I’m left to either freeze my little toes off, or heaven forbid, wear socks with my sandals (don’t worry, I haven’t resorted to this yet).

However, I recently stumbled upon a pair of shoes that might solve this shoe-packing dilemma. The Radler Trail Camper Shoe is a sneaker that is able to be doubled over and zipped up – making it so much easier to pack and therefore allowing you to justify bringing along another pair of shoes that you may not actually use a whole lot (e.g. if heading to the aforementioned hot climate).

Now I can’t speak to the sturdiness of this shoe, and by the looks of it, you wouldn’t want to do any kind of serious bush-bashing (aka hiking) in them. But between the water-repellent upper, the fleece-lined insole and the rubber tread, they do seem like they’d be okay for walking around town. And of course, for keeping the toesies warm!

What do you think? Would you consider traveling with anything like this?