capsule hotel

An oil rig escape pod functions as a capsule hotel in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Amsterdam has lots of floating communities – houses or boats moored in place on the canals – but there’s one little community that’s so unusual it’s sure to turn heads: the Capsule Hotel.

Made from repurposed life rafts that once belonged to an oil rig, the Capsule Hotel comprises two UFO-shaped pods a little over 4 meters in diameter.

The interior has been left to retain much of its “original charm” which means you won’t find any mod cons here (unless you count a disco ball and party lights – yes, that’s included!). Your bed for the night? A large sheepskin rug thrown over a hammock-style bit of netting. The bathroom? Well, you might want to hold it, but there is a chemical toilet for um, “emergencies”. That said, I’m guessing the kinds of people who choose to stay in this type of accommodation are doing it for the novelty more than anything – and that, there is certainly plenty of.

What do you think? Would you stay in a Capsule Hotel?


capsule hotel 2


capsule interior