Make sure your bags are prepped for a potentially rocky ride. Photo by Paulo Ordoveza.

Your weekly roundup of the hottest travel links across the net:

1. If you ever wondered what happens to your baggage after you check it at the airport, you might be shocked to learn the truth. These confessions of an airport baggage handler will give you insight into the reason your bag comes back to you all beaten up and why you should always pack your suitcase as carefully as possible.

2. Would you pay more for a slightly better seat on a flight? Many airlines have begun charging additional fees for so-called “premium seats”. While on Delta these premium seats actually provide up to four inches of extra legroom, American Airlines is slapping on additional charges for what are apparently standard seats. From now on, window or aisle seats at the front of the main cabin will be hit with a surcharge of $4 and up.

3. This should come in handy for those of you traveling with children this holiday season: if you’re tired of hearing “are we there yet?” over and over, why not distract the littlies with one of these travel games for kids?