Swap your nail polish for nail stickers. Photo via lacquerized.com.

Traveling with nail polish is always a risk, especially if there’s air travel involved. Since changes in air pressure cause liquids to go berserk, you could easily arrive at your destination and open your suitcase to find your bright red nail polish has leaked. Everywhere. And let’s face it, that stuff is not coming out of your clothes.

Even if you manage to dodge that particular bullet, there’s still the hassle of carrying nail polish remover, cotton balls and everything else you need to deal with chipped and wearing-away color.

But if you don’t want to go through your vacation with bare nails, there’s another option to consider: nail stickers.

Nail stickers, like these Studio Nails by Essence, are, as the name suggests, nail-shaped stickers that come in various colors or designs. You just peel the backing off and apply them to your nails, then file the tips to get the stickers to follow the curve of your nail. When you’re ready to remove the “polish” you just peel it off. Not only is it a mess free way of doing a manicure, but it’s kind of an awesome idea for those of us who still have trouble painting within the lines!