Mini squeezable bottles let you get out every last drop of your products.

Most of you are probably pretty familiar with the liquid carry-on restrictions by now and know all about buying miniature versions of your cosmetics and toiletries or decanting your liquids into little travel-sized bottles.

Filling up little containers yourself is obviously the cheaper way to go (and sometimes the only way, if your favorite shampoo doesn’t come in a mini size) but a lot of those little bottles aren’t exactly practical: the hard plastic sides don’t let you squeeze out every last drop of your product, the tiny opening makes decanting liquids a pain, and by the time you arrive at your destination, you’ve forgotten which bottle of creamy goop is which.

The GoToob seems to have been designed with a lot of these issues in mind. It’s made of a squeezable silicone, has an indicator window to remind you what product it’s holding, comes with a wide mouth and drip-proof cap and also has a suction cup attached so you can stick it to the shower tiles. While the bottles are BPA-free and also approved by the FDA for use with food, beware that the silicone can react with some liquids, so make sure you check out the list of non-compatible fluids here before you fill them up.