Photo by UggBoyUggGirl.

Your weekly roundup of the hottest travel links across the net:

1. Did you know that in some airports, having sweaty armpits could set off those new full body scanners? Or that you can buy a perfume that allows you to smell like the nation of Lithuania (might be useful if you’re suffering from the aforementioned perspiration)? Or what about the fact that a bankrupt airline can force you to withdraw money from an ATM to pay for your flight’s fuel? No? Well these are just a handful of the weirdest travel incidents of 2011 – and yes, they actually happened.

2. Whether you’re still in the midst of a vacation or lamenting the fact that your Christmas break went by so quickly, you’ll no doubt enjoy looking at these gorgeous pictures as The Planetd reminisces about their favorite travel photos of 2011.

3. Since New Year’s resolutions never really stick for more than a week, I think it’s actually more fun to make a New Year travel bucket list instead. If you need some ideas about what destinations might be hot, then check out this guide on where to travel on holiday in 2012.