If you’re traveling with a buddy, a headphone splitter is a great way to get twice as much out of your entertainment gizmos. In case you’re not familiar with how they work, a splitter is basically a short, wishbone-shaped cable that lets you plug two pairs of headphones into a device that has a single audio jack (which is basically every mp3 player, ipad and computer). That means that if you both want to listen to music on the same ipod, or watch a movie together on a computer, you can each do so with your own headset – no more hunching over awkwardly to use a single ear bud. Not only do you get the full stereo sound experience as a result, but being able to share a device means you can run your gadgets for a lot longer – so if you’re on a long bus trip with no way to charge your mp3 players, you can just share one of them until the battery dies before moving onto the other device. Not bad for something that’ll barely set you back five bucks.