Phones that do the travel planning for you? It's on it's way... Photo by Nicholas Wang.

Your weekly roundup of the hottest travel links across the net:

1. Holographic airport staff, phones that make travel arrangements for you, and driverless cars? It sounds like somthing out of the movies but these things may actually be on their way to becoming reality. Click here to read about these and other sci-fi innovations that will change travel.

2. I love discovering new ways of armchair traveling (or office chair traveling…) and this post about how to travel around the world with Instagram will teach you how you can waste spend hours and hours enjoying gorgeous sunsets and stunning imagery from all across the globe.

3. You know that secret little fantasy many of us harbor of one day living in Paris? This post over at Cup of Jo featuring quaint little Parisian apartments that you can rent during your vacation will have you daydreaming all over again.