The German Enigma machine at the National Cryptologic Museum. Photo by the NSA.

Your weekly roundup of the hottest travel links across the net:

1. Is this one of the most secretive museums in the world? The National Cryptologic Museum in Maryland, USA is one of those tourist attractions that few tourists have heard of. Inside, the artifacts are just as enigmatic – from ciphering devices to encrypted telephones and old NSA computers, the museum is definitely a would-be spy’s paradise. Check out this video post for more.

2. If you ever find yourself in the position of going on a mystery trip, you’ll also likely find yourself with a bit of a dilemma: what to pack. How do you get your luggage together when you have no idea what you’ll be doing during your vacation? Thankfully, this article from Refinery 29 has some handy advice on which multi-purpose items should make it into your suitcase.

3. It may come as a surprise, but India is apparently an up and coming hotspot for gay tourism. The traditionally conservative country is undergoing a change in mindset and is hosting more and more gay pride festivals & events and is even home to a gay travel company.