If you’re one of those people that just doesn’t get a kick out of going to art galleries, or if you’ve simply been traveling so long you can’t stand the thought of hitting up yet another museum, there’s a gallery in Spain that’s the perfect antidote to the museum-itis.

The Dali Theatre-Museum in Figueres, Spain isn’t your ordinary art gallery featuring a bunch of old paintings hanging on white walls. Instead, this is a museum designed to create an experience, and from the moment you arrive and see the museum’s whimsical façade, you’ve entered a surreal new world.

Dali created a lot of the artworks on display especially for the museum – which isn’t a surprise given that many of the sculptures, murals, ceiling frescoes and furniture are literally a part of the building. From his comical take on the Sistine Chapel ceiling to a living room arrangement that transforms into a face depending on the perspective, it’s clear you’re dealing with an artist that had a sense of humor and wanted to make art fun. Scroll down to see some of the quirky creations in the museum.