Photo by Subflux.

Your weekly roundup of the hottest travel links across the net:

1. I knew adventurers climbed all sorts of things – mountains, cliffs, ice walls, even buildings – but I was blown away when I saw these stunning images of climbers making their way up frozen waterfalls. It’s obviously extremely dangerous and takes a lot of guts, but you have to admit, it’s pretty spectacular.

2. We’ve long been cautioned to get up and stretch our legs during flights, since being immobilized for long periods of time can lead to Deep Vein Thrombosis (potentially life-threatening blood clots), however new research claims that flying in economy does not increase your risk of DVT. The findings are controversial, because anyone who’s tall or has ever been cramped up in coach knows it’s not the same as flying in business or first class – where there’s plenty more room to flex your limbs. I’d say this is one of those studies that’s worth taking with a grain of salt… better safe than sorry.

3. Rantings of a too-frequent flier is a hilarious list of all the little things about air travel that can drive you bonkers. My pet peeves definitely include the whole overhead bin space fiasco as well as the people who rip pages out of the in-flight magazine and leave me the dismembered remains with the half-finished crossword in the back. What are yours?