Photo by Lululemon Athletica.

When I heard that San Francisco Airport opened up a yoga room – a free facility where you can go and stretch out before a flight – my first reaction was what a great idea.

But then I began to wonder if I’d ever actually use such a yoga room if I had the chance, given how exhausted airports seem to make me. Between standing around in lines (security/boarding/customs/immigration/baggage collection), getting undressed/redressed and unpacking/repacking at breakneck speed (security), searching (usually for power outlets and/or healthy airport food, the latter of which I’m pretty sure doesn’t exist but I continue to look anyway), and walking (or more often running because my connecting flight was perilously late) miles to get from one side of a massive but poorly designed terminal to the other as I balance my oversized purse on one shoulder and drag my carry-on bag behind me like a dead weight (because I refuse to pay exorbitant checked baggage fees) – I’m generally pretty beat.

I know yoga is meant to be relaxing and all, but I can’t help but feel like what would really relax me after the ordeal of passing through an airport is a free movie theater or better yet, a free spa. Now there’s a facility I would definitely use.

What do you think? Would you exercise at the airport given the opportunity?