Photo by LaMenta3.

You know all those “what’s in my bag” posts that have become so ubiquitous across the fashion blogosphere? The ones where women meticulously detail the inane yet oddly fascinating contents of their handbags? Well, believe it or not, there’s something we can learn from those posts (other than the inordinate amount of junk most of us carry around in our purses, I mean) and that is to take photos of our stuff.

Once you’ve worked out what you’re going to pack for your vacation, spread it all out over your bed and take a photo of it using your phone or a digital camera that you’ll be traveling with.

Why do such a thing?

First, it makes repacking a cinch since you’ll have a visual checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything (just make sure to pack the camera that the photo is stored on!).

Second, if anything happens to your luggage (and about 29 million bags get mishandled every year so it could definitely happen to yours) it’ll be much easier to prove the value of the contents of your bag.

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