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Your weekly roundup of the hottest travel links across the net:

1. Eating abroad poses lots of challenges, especially if you’re a foodie in search of the tastiest, most authentic cuisine. No one wants to go to a restaurant in Italy to eat pasta that came out of a frozen dinner package (yes, it happened to me!) but getting past the language barrier, the touts and the tourist traps isn’t easy. Fortunately, this fabulous cheat sheet for finding the best meals abroad has you covered with 101 different “hacks.” My favorite tip: avoid laminated menus printed in seven different languages with little flags beside them – a sure sign the food isn’t for the locals!

2. Anyone traveling to the Middle East (or many other parts of the world for that matter) is likely to visit a mosque at some point along his or her journey. But do you know the etiquette? While many locals will forgive your cultural ignorance in day-to-day activities, visiting a house of worship demands a certain level of respect – from the way you dress to what (or whom) you touch. This post, about visiting a mosque in Abu Dhabi, will give you the lowdown on mosque-visiting protocol.

3. If you’re after a last-minute getaway, why not jump on some of the leap year travel deals cropping up all over the place? You can find everything from 29% off your bill to $29 room rates, so take a look here, here and here.