A messenger bag made out of recycled aircraft seat covers, bike & tractor inner tubes, and seat belts.

Well this is an unusual way to travel greener: carry a bag made out of recycled aircraft seat covers. The company behind the eco-friendly bag, Tierra Ideas, takes materials that are going to end up in landfills and turns them into satchels, duffels, laptop cases and other forms of “wearable art.”

My first thought when I saw these was, gosh, do they know how infrequently planes get cleaned? I hope they wash those seat covers really, really well (!!), while my second thought was something along the lines of, how wonderful, to have a constant reminder of the pleasure of spending 10+ hours at a time contorting my body to fit within the confines of an airplane seat.

But once I got past all of that (I’m sure the materials are dry-cleaned or whatever!), the bags did actually seem like a clever way of carrying a piece of your travels with you wherever you go. In this day and age of all our material possessions being so disposable, it’s kind of nice to see products that are mindfully created – not to mention ones that help make all of our flying less of a burden on the environment. Maybe I can overlook the fact that hundreds of bums would have sat on my bag after all.