Photo by Stuart Seeger.

Your weekly roundup of the hottest travel links across the net:

1. Can you be arrested for painting your fingernails on a flight? You bet – it happened to Jeanie Daniels, an American woman on a Southwest Airlines flight from LA to Houston. Daniels was applying nail polish at her seat when a stewardess asked her to put it away, which she did, until she realized she only had two nails left to complete and snuck off to the bathrooms to finish the manicure. When she was done, she found the angry flight attendant waiting for her outside the bathroom and got into a heated exchange. The woman was eventually led off the flight in handcuffs and forced to spend 10 hours in jail before being released. Read the whole story here and weigh in with your thoughts!

2. If you’ve never taken part in a home stay before, you’re missing out on an amazing cultural experience. Staying with a local family is one of the easiest and most interesting ways of getting to know the people and their traditions. Read a firsthand account of what the experience is like as Angie Away describes her home stay in the Ngong Hills, Kenya.

3. If you’re looking for some inspiration on where to go next, I find festivals are always a good starting point for getting you excited about a particular destination. This list of top 10 festivals for your world travel bucket list should get you on your way.