A folder of magazine clippings = the best inflight magazine ever. 

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got piles of reading material building up around your home/office forming forbidding little mountains. Magazines, I find, are the biggest culprits because they come out too frequently to keep up with, but can’t be thrown out lest they contain some sort of life changing (or otherwise highly useful) article.

I think travel-related downtime is a great opportunity to plough through some of that reading material that you never otherwise get to, but since no one wants to lug around a stack of heavy magazines, here’s my tip: create a must-read folder.

Go through your magazines, clip all the articles you think you’ll want to read, file them in a folder and bring them in your carry-on when you travel. Not only is it nice to have when you’re waiting at the airport/train station etc., it’s also perfect for that period during take-off and landing when you have to switch off all your electronics (meaning you can’t read on your ipad/computer). I find having a folder of exciting reading material is so much better than carrying one magazine that might contain 2-3 articles you’d find interesting, plus having individual clippings makes it a lot easier to throw out the articles as you finish with them (quickly lightening your load). It’s a simple but effective way of making a dent in those magazine mountains and turning travel downtime into a productive/pleasurable experience.