Photo by Andrew Malone.

Your weekly roundup of the hottest travel links across the net:

1. Finding yourself the victim of an accident, natural disaster, illness or other emergency is horrible at the best of times. But when these kinds of things happen while you’re traveling, the situation can be downright overwhelming – especially if there are language or cultural barriers involved. Thankfully, technology has evolved to the point where there’s pretty much an app for everything, so if you have a smartphone, take note of these 8 travel apps that could save your life.

2. It’s always fascinating to see what fantastical designs architects will come up with to showcase their nation during the Olympic Games. With London’s turn just around the corner, the city’s stadium and facilities are well under construction and you can take a sneak peak at the Olympic site here. I particularly love how in London, a primary concern for site designers has been ensuring accessibility to “loos” and “cups of tea”!

3. When should you book your airfare to get the best deal? Far in advance, at the eleventh hour or sometime in between? This article suggests booking well ahead to save money while this one will tell you the exact time and day of the week to pull the trigger.