Parc Guell in Barcelona, Spain is as enjoyable for big kids as it is for the little ones.

While most parks are designed with the intent of entertaining children, every now and then you come across a playground that indulges adults too. Parc Guell, in the Gracia district of Barcelona, is one such park – a vast garden of palm trees, eccentric buildings, sinuous structures, and winding pathways that surprise you at every twist and turn.

Antoni Gaudi, an architect famous for his flamboyant and whimsical designs, designed the park in true Gaudi fashion – the structures are all curvy and playful and covered in mosaics in the form of fantastical creatures. It’s not hard to spend several hours exploring the grounds, discovering new vistas of the city in the distance, relaxing in cozy little nooks, and generally feeling a little bit like Alice in Wonderland.