A public service poster on display in Laos.

I love seeing the public service notices posted throughout developing countries because they’re almost always equal parts the following three things: eye-catching, hilarious and frightening.

Take for instance this fabulous poster from Laos that appears to be warning about a potential attack from mutant mosquitoes the size of a toddler. You can’t help but laugh at the hyperbole.

But it’s pretty humbling when you stop and realize that the images are purposely exaggerated – with widespread illiteracy, a silly cartoon is possibly the most effective way to communicate that mosquitoes, tiny as they are, really could kill their kids (since malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases are widespread in those parts). It’s definitely one of those moments that illuminate how fortunate we are – to even be in the position to be able to laugh at the giant killer mosquitoes in Laos.