Cathay Pacific's lounge in San Francisco, to which heavy social media users can gain free access.

Your weekly roundup of the hottest travel links across the net:

1. How would you like to get into a First or Business Class airport lounge for absolutely free? If you’re an avid user of social media, you can now do exactly that. Beginning this month, Cathay Pacific is offering free access to their lounges at San Francisco International Airport to anyone with a Klout score over 40 (Klout is a measurement of your influence on social media). It means you can enjoy the airline’s noodle bar, workstations, showers and more right alongside all of the elite fliers.

2. You know how lots of airlines are charging passengers for so-called “premium” seats like window seats or those with extra legroom? Well a big pitfall of this system is that many families and traveling companions are having an increasingly hard time getting seats all together – even when they’re on the same booking. If you want to make sure you ending up sitting with the rest of your crew, be sure to check out this article about getting adjacent seats on a plane without paying extra.

3. And finally this week, do you have a “bucket list” (that’s a list of places you’d like to visit “someday”)? A lot of people seem to keep a running tally of all the interesting destinations they hope they’ll get to, but unfortunately, they rarely end up checking them off. This blog post makes a case against keeping a bucket list and offers up a better way to achieve your travel goals.