Photo by Ewen Roberts.

I consider myself a city girl at heart, so it’s no surprise I’ve always been awed by the bright lights, dizzying skyscrapers and the pulsating rhythm of people going about their day in any of the scrawling metropolises I’ve had the fortune of experiencing.

That almost electric vibe is so energizing that it’s hard to imagine anywhere else could be more so. But ironically, I’ve found the other most energizing environment is the exact opposite of a big city: quiet, isolated and unobstructed.

If you’ve ever gotten far enough from the city lights to see the stars – and I mean really see all those little stars you never realized where up there; or stood on the hot sand of a desert as the heat rises off the ground in hazy waves; or listened to the booming crash of a waterfall – you’ll know what I mean. You’ll know that feeling of everything going completely quiet inside of you.

If you want to experience the most relaxing and revitalizing five minutes you’ll have all day, I recommend watching the amazing nature video below – it’s the closest thing to recreating that feeling I described above without leaving your desk. If that’s not enough to get you to watch, let’s just say the “sea of clouds” at about 45 seconds into the clip will have you gasping in awe.


Video by Terje Sorgjerd