A spring-fed bath + the great outdoors = the perfect combo.

One thing I love about staying in a nice hotel is being able to indulge in an amazing bath. Whether it’s one of those stunning old-school claw-foot bathtubs or a newfangled jacuzzi with jets galore – nothing makes you feel like you’re on vacation like a long soak to wash the stress away.

Unfortunately, there’s also a sense of guilt associated with spending so much vacation time just lounging in the bathroom. I mean, you could do that anywhere – I feel like a holiday should be about enjoying your destination.

That’s why my heart sort of skipped a little when I saw these amazing pictures of Mystic Hot Springs in Monroe, Utah. The bathtubs – which are outdoors – are practically built into the rocky landscape, and the water in them comes from a spring that’s been around for millions of years and has built up a nice deposit of minerals. It just seems like the perfect way to enjoy a soothing bath and the destination all at once.