Michelin star-rated dim sum in Hong Kong costs next to nothing. Photo by Shirlene Chiu.

Your weekly roundup of the hottest travel links across the net:

1. What if it were possible to eat at a Michelin star restaurant for under 10 US dollars? Well at the Tim Ho Wan restaurant in China, you can do exactly that. The back-alley joint serves dim sum fare in an unassuming setting, but hey, it’s the cheapest Michelin star restaurant you’ll ever go to, so who can complain?

2. In this day and age of globalization where our food is shipped all over the world and sits around in freezers for months before we consume it, eating truly fresh seafood is something of a treat. This short travel video features a fish market in Palamos, Costa Brava, where the calamari is so fresh you can see it continuing to change color. Just amazing.

3. Are you confused about how much you’re meant to tip in various countries around the world? Under-tipping (or over-tipping for that matter) is a common problem –  this article shares some handy rules of thumb for tackling the issue.