stay hydrated with coconut water

It doesn’t seem to matter how much water you gulp down during your flight – long haul air travel just has a way of leaving you dehydrated.

Of course we’ve all heard the rules about avoiding (or at least limiting!) carbonated drinks, alcohol, and caffeine when flying (although the jury’s still out on whether caffeine is really a diuretic), but even that just doesn’t always cut it.

So here’s my tip for stepping off a flight fresh and hydrated: drink coconut water.

I first discovered the benefits of coconut water about a decade ago, after consuming some particularly potent caipirinhas in Brazil. Where pepto-bismol and water failed, the fresh coconut juice sold on the beach did the trick – soothing that queasy, parched feeling after a big night out.

In the years since, coconut water has conveniently made its way to the supermarket shelves and there’s research to explain why it works. Coconut water is full of electrolytes, potassium and sodium and some studies suggest it’s as good at rehydration as a sports drink.

Which brings me back to staying hydrated while flying: instead of waiting until you’re already dehydrated, I suggest drinking some coco water before a flight to give your body a head start.

You’ll need to follow it up with water throughout the flight, of course, as well as a mix of other drinks that contain electrolytes – the USSA’s sport science department suggests drinking 8-16 oz. (approx 1-2 cups) of fluids per hour of flight (you can read more of their recommendations here).

What tips do you have for staying hydrated on a long haul journey?