One of London's iconic double-decker buses pulls up outside a tube station.

With nearly eight million people calling it home, the city of London is a modern metropolis. Yet, despite all the contemporary structures that have cropped up — such as the London Eye or the bullet-shaped glass tower nicknamed the Gherkin — the city retains a kind of quaintness that’s hard to pinpoint. Perhaps it’s the iconic red double-decker buses, the historic cathedrals, the novelty of a palace that still houses a Queen, or even the accent. Whatever it is, there’s no denying London’s unique charm.














Images from top to bottom: outside the London Underground; guards at Buckingham Palace; the houses of Parliament; Parliament; Big Ben; an iconic phone booth; the London Eye; Westminster Abbey; The Royal Courts of Justice; one of the city’s black taxis looking colorful; Trafalgar Square; Trafalgar Square; The Tower of London.