Pastries in Paris are like little works of art, but you have to know the best places to go. Photo by Isabel.

Your weekly roundup of the hottest travel links across the net:

1. French pastries are akin to little works of edible art and if you want to sample the best tarts, gateaux and confections the country has to offer, it helps to know exactly where to go. This article about the most scrumptious pastry shops in Paris will have your mouth watering faster than you can say macaron.

2. If you love to travel, working as a travel agent in the luxury sector probably sounds like a dream job. It’s such a highly sought after (but evidently rewarding) position that Oprah called it “one of the happiest jobs in America”. Want to know if you have what it takes? Check out this Forbes article about how to become a luxury travel advisor.

3. It comes as a surprise to a many people, but one of the truths about long-term travel is that moving around can actually work a lot cheaper than living in one place. This article by a traveling couple examines the conundrum of settling down vs. staying on the road and will give you some insight into the costs associated with putting down roots.

4. Have you ever stayed in a hotel that was just plain bizarre? For example, a room where you can’t shut the bathroom door because the toilet is in the way? Or perhaps a hotel where all the furniture is covered in plastic wrap? If you think it sounds too weird to be true, wait till you read this great post about the 7 habits of highly ineffective hotels.