Gangnam is a real place in Seoul, South Korea that travelers can visit. Photo by Joop.

Your weekly roundup of the hottest travel links across the net:

1. You’ve no doubt seen the Korean music video, Gangnam Style, that’s taken the world by storm (if not, watch it here) but what you might not know is that Gangnam is a real place in South Korea that you can visit – and thanks to the massive popularity of the music video, many people now want to do exactly that. This article gives you the low down on what there is to do in the wealthy Seoul district so that you too can travel “Gangnam Style”.

2. If you find it tough trying to stay fit on the road, the good news is that more and more airports and hotels are offering facilities to help travelers work out. And we’re not just talking about fancy gyms or expensive spas – more like walking paths, free yoga studios, complimentary work out videos and cheap fitness gear rental in case you forgot to pack your sneakers. Read more about which locales are taking the pain out of fitness here.

3. Ever wonder why some people find amazing deals on flights while you’re left paying through the nose for your ticket? It all comes down to knowing insider secrets like the best days of the week to fly, the optimal time to make your booking and what kinds of fees you should take into consideration. This helpful post outlines the 7 booking errors that will cost you money when it comes to finding a flight.

4. Want to sleep on a lavish hotel-style bed every night? Westin Hotels, who now sell their signature Heavenly Beds directly to customers, is having a 20% off sale until this weekend.