Do you know your rights if you miss your flight? Original photo by Eefeewahfah.

1. What happens if you’re on your way to catch a flight and your car breaks down halfway to the airport, causing you to run late? Do you understand how airlines handle passengers who are cutting it close to their departure time? This article outlines important airline rules you should be aware of, including why you should never no-show for a flight.

2. Paying to check a bag on a flight is super annoying – especially when you have no choice but to do so (traveling with Christmas gifts during the holiday season comes to mind). I’ve talked before about the benefits of shipping your luggage via Fedex or UPS instead of paying exorbitant airline fees, and this article goes one step further, breaking down the costs of checking bags vs. shipping them across a number of different airlines so you can see for yourself just how much money you could save.

3. And finally, is this the world’s scariest swimming pool? A hotel in Shanghai, China has built a cantilevered pool that juts out from the 24th floor of the building – with the see-through base of the pool completely exposed giving swimmers a dizzying view of the city below. The unusual pool at the Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao was designed with the input of multiple architects and even aerospace experts to make sure it would be safe for guests.