We’ve all had this experience boarding a plane: you’re filing down the aisle trying to get to your seat (as fast as you can in order to claim that precious overhead bin space) when the person in front of you stops at their seat for what seems like forever. Slowly, they unload all the miscellanea from their bag – newspaper, pens, neck pillow, ipad, and on and on – while the rest of the passengers have to stand there and wait.

Of course, we all need those little things to stuff in our seat back pocket to make our flight more comfortable, but rifling through our hand luggage to find them all (or waiting for others to do so) is really annoying. That’s why I really like the idea of this Seat Pak from Flight 001. It’s a pouch with a number of different zippered compartments to hold all the bits and bobs you need during the flight. So all you have to do when you board is find your seat on the plane, pull out one pouch, shove everything else in the overhead bin and sit down. It’s great for ensuring nothing gets left behind in the seat back pocket (trust me, having just one earplug because you lost the other is no fun) and you’ll never be the person that jumps up the moment the seat belt sign gets turned off because you left your entertainment out of reach.

If only we could make every passenger use something like this.